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ePIXfab: Silicon Photonics Platform

Research Area: Silicon Photonics Process Technology

Main Researcher: Pieter Dumon

The Silicon Photonics Platform provides access to wafer-scale CMOS fabrication facilities for research and prototyping of photonic integrated circuits by academic and industrial R&D groups.

The mission of the Silicon Photonics Platform is to build a future for Silicon Photonics in Europe through the development of a fabless model for the fabrication of silicon photonic circuits based on existing CMOS labs and commercial foundries relying on European know-how.

This should be done by involving all interested parties, from academia, industy and policy-making bodies.

The Silicon Photonics platform has the following tasks:

  • A Facility Access Programme for Research and Prototyping: Making mature fabrication processes on high-end industrial CMOS tools available to many research groups or projects will ease the transition toward a fabless model. Also by sharing masks and processing, a dramatic cost reduction is possible.

  • A Roadmap for Silicon Photonics Technologies: Identifying the requirements for a fully-functional silicon photonic IC, and make plans for required process development

  • Commercial Manufacturing Routes: Links and possibilities for process transfers to commercial foundries should be looked into to enable future commercial fabrication of silicon photonic components in high volume.

  • Promotion and Lobbying for the field of Silicon photonics in the interest of Europe’s position in this field

Other people involved:

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    International Journals

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      International Conferences

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