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Authors: A. Rahim, T. Spuesens, R. Baets, W. Bogaerts
Title: Open-Access Silicon Photonics: Current Status and Emerging Initiatives
Format: International Journal
Publication date: Accepted for publication. Not yet published
Journal/Conference/Book: IEEE Proceedings (invited)
Editor/Publisher: IEEE , 


Silicon Photonics is widely acknowledged as a game-changing technology, driven by the needs of datacom and telecom. Silicon Photonics builds on highly capital-intensive manufacturing infrastructure, and mature open-access silicon photonics platforms are translating the technology from research fabs to industrial manufacturing levels. To meet the current market demands for silicon photonics manufacturing, a variety of open-access platforms is offered by CMOS pilot lines, R&D institutes and commercial foundries.
This paper presents an overview of existing and upcoming commercial and non-commercial open-access silicon photonics technology platforms. We also discuss the diversity in these open-access platforms and their key differentiators.

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