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Publications in 2018

    International Journals

  1. A. Katumba, Jelle Heyvaert, B. Schneider, S. Uvin, Joni Dambre , P. Bienstman, Low-Loss Photonic Reservoir Computing with Multimode Photonic Integrated Circuits, Scientific Reports, 8(1), p.2653 (2018)  Download this Publication (1.3MB).
  2. N. Ye, G. Muliuk, J. Zhang, S. Uvin, D. Van Thourhout, G. Roelkens, High-Alignment-Accuracy Transfer Printing of Passive Silicon Waveguide Structures , Optics Express, 26(2), p.2023-2032 (2018).
  3. S. Kumari, E. P. Haglund, J. Gustavsson, A. Larsson, G. Roelkens, R. Baets, Vertical-cavity silicon-integrated laser with in-plane waveguide emission at 850 nm, Laser & Photonics Reviews, (2018).
  4. J. Verbist, J. Lambrecht, M. Verplaetse, J. Van Kerrebrouck, A. Srinivasan, P. De Heyn, T. De Keulenaer, X. Yin, G. Torfs, J. Van Campenhout, G. Roelkens, J. Bauwelinck, DAC-less and DSP-free 112 Gb/s PAM-4 Transmitter using Two Parallel Electro- Absorption Modulators, Journal of Lightwave Technology (invited), 36(5), (2018).
  5. L. Abdollahi Shiramin, W. Xie, B. Snyder, P. De Heyn, P. Verheyen, G. Roelkens, D. Van Thourhout, High Extinction Ratio Hybrid Graphene-Silicon Photonic Crystal Switch, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 30(2), p.157-160 (2018).
      International Conferences

    1. P. Bienstman, Joni Dambre, A. Katumba, Matthias Freiberger, F. Laporte, A. Lugnan, Silicon photonics for neuromorphic information processing , SPIE Photonics West (invited), DL 10551, United States, (2018).