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147 Optical bistability and pulsating behaviour in Silicon-On-Insulator ring resonator structures,
G.R.A. Priem, P. Dumon, W. Bogaerts, D. Van Thourhout, G. Morthier, R. Baets,
Optics Express, 13(23), p.9623 - 9628 doi:10.1364/opex.13.009623 (2005)
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111 Ultrafast all-optical switching by cross-absorption modulation in silicon wire waveguides,
T. K. Liang, L. R. Nunes, T. Sakamoto, K. Sasagawa, T. Kawanishi, M. Tsuchiya, G.R.A. Priem, D. Van Thourhout, P. Dumon, R. Baets, H. K. Tsang,
Optics Express, 13(19), p.7298 doi:10.1364/opex.13.007298 (2005)
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64 Linear and nonlinear nanophotonic devices based on silicon-on-insulator wire waveguides,
P. Dumon, G.R.A. Priem, L.R. Nunes, W. Bogaerts, D. Van Thourhout, P. Bienstman, T.K. Liang, M. Tsuchiya, P. Jaenen, S. Beckx, J. Wouters, R. Baets,
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 45(8B), p.6589-6602 doi:10.1143/jjap.45.6589 (2006)
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15 Self-phase modulation in slow-wave structures: A comparative numerical analysis,
F. Morichetti, A. Melloni, J. Cap, J. Petracek, P. Bienstman, G.R.A. Priem, B. Maes, M. Lauritano, G. Bellanca,
Optical and Quantum Electronics, 38(9-11), p.761-780 doi:10.1007/s11082-006-9024-x (2006)
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11 Impact of absorption mechanisms on Kerr-nonlinear resonator behavior,
G.R.A. Priem, P. Bienstman, G. Morthier, R. Baets,
Journal of Applied Physics, 99, p.063103 doi:10.1063/1.2184432 (2006)
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