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Most cited publications of Bart Demeulenaere

110 Confinement factors and gain in optical amplifiers,
T.D. Visser, B. Demeulenaere, D. Lenstra,
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 33(10), p.1763-1766 doi:10.1109/3.631280 (1997)
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38 Detailed study of AlAs-oxidized apertures in VCSEL cavities for optimized modal performance,
B. Demeulenaere, P. Bienstman, B. Dhoedt, R. Baets,
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 35(3), p.358-367 doi:10.1109/3.748841 (1999)
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35 Confinement and modal gain in dielectric waveguides,
T.D. Visser, B. Demeulenaere, J. Haes, D. Lenstra, R. Baets, H. Blok,
IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, 14(5), p.885-887 doi:10.1109/50.495172 (1996)
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10 Rigorous electromagnetic study of diffraction loss in VCSEL mirrors,
B. Demeulenaere, D. De Zutter, R. Baets,
IEE Proceedings - Optoelectronics, 143(4), p.221-227 doi:10.1049/ip-opt:19960652 (1996)
6 Simulation results of transverse-optical confinement in airpost, regrown, and oxidized vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser structures,
P. Bienstman, B. Demeulenaere, B. Dhoedt, R. Baets,
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 16(11), p.2055-2059 doi:10.1364/josab.16.002055 (1999)
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