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Authors: Y. Halioua, A. Bazin, T. Karle, P. Monnier, I. Sagnes, R. Raj, F. Raineri
Title: Optimally Coupled Hybrid III-V Photonics Crystal Wire Cavity CW Lasers on Passive SOI Waveguides,
Format: International Conference Proceedings
Publication date: 6/2011
Journal/Conference/Book: Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nano-Photonics (IPR)
Editor/Publisher: Optical Society of America, 
Volume(Issue): p.IWC4
Location: Toronto, Canada
DOI: 10.1364/iprsn.2011.iwc4
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CW Laser
operation of an efficiently coupled III-V wire cavity to a silicon wire is demonstrated. Transmission characteristics of the system are explored via pump-probe experiments revealing high coupling efficiency (>80%).

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