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Enhancing OLED light outcoupling

Research Area: Integrated lasers and LEDs

Main Researcher: Peter Vandersteegen

Today organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) are considered the most likely candidate to build next-generation white light sources for general illumination. The possible advantages of OLEDs are numerous, the most important advantage is the OLEDs' energy efficient light generation. Another important advantage is the possibility to create large area light emitting surfaces.

(source: laser focus world)
(source: laser focus world)

Obtaining this next generation light source however still requires several issues to be resolved. These issues are adressed in todays' scientific European program OLLA. The performed research includes the total spectrum from developing new organic materials to investigating currents in these materials. Our work adresses the optics-issue, getting the light generated in the OLED layers out...

general OLED layer stack (source: laser focus world)
general OLED layer stack (source: laser focus world)

A schematic sketch of an OLED is seen in the second figure. Ideally all the light generated in the OLED is emitted to air. Most light however stays captured in the grating and oled layers by Total Internal Reflection (TIR). This work investigates the use of a grating on the substrate-air interface to achieve a greater extraction of light out of the substrate.

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    International Journals

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      International Conferences

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