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Authors: W. Xie, M. Fiers, S. Selvaraja, P. Bienstman, J. Van Campenhout, Philippe Absil, D. Van Thourhout
Title: High-Q Photonic Crystal Nanocavities on 300mm SOI Substrate Fabricated With 193 nm Immersion Lithography
Format: International Journal
Publication date: 4/2014
Journal/Conference/Book: Journal of Lightwave Technology
Editor/Publisher: IEEE, 
Volume(Issue): 32(18) p.1457 - 1462
DOI: 10.1109/JLT.2014.2308061
Citations: 13 ( - last update: 7/7/2024)
12 (OpenCitations - last update: 27/6/2024)
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On-chip 1D Photonic Crystal nanocavities were designed and fabricated in a 300 mm silicon-on-insulator wafer using a CMOS-compatible process with 193 nm immersion lithography and silicon oxide planarization. High quality factors up to 100000 were achieved. By changing geometrical parameters of the cavities, we also demonstrated a wide range of wavelength tunability for the cavity mode, a low insertion loss and excellent agreement with simulation results. These on-chip nanocavities with high quality factors and low modal volume, fabricated through a high-resolution and high-volume CMOS compatible platform open up new opportunities for the photonic integration community.

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