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Authors: H. Shen, A. Abass, M. Burgelman, B. Maes
Title: Thin-film solar cells with combined metallic enhancements
Format: International Conference Proceedings
Publication date: 1/2012
Journal/Conference/Book: MINAP (Micro- and nano-photonic materials and devices) 2012
Editor/Publisher: National Research Council, Italy, 
Volume(Issue): p.103-104
Location: Trento, Italy
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Plasmonic elements, such as metallic gratings, in thin solar cells have a strong potential to increase the solar light absorption. Here, we numerically describe devices where multiple elements are combined, to create a more broadband and spatially distributed absorption. For organic solar cells, we introduce both a front and a back metallic grating, and show that both features act independently to create enhancement pathways. For amorphous silicon solar cells we introduce a metallic back grating and a dielectric front structure. By choosing different periods for these separate gratings, coupling to guided modes with plasmonic or photonic character is strongly optimized.

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