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Authors: B. Moeyersoon, J. Wittebolle, G. Morthier, R. Baets
Title: Wavelength Switching of Semiconductor Tunable Lasers - How to Suppress Thermally Induced Wavelength Drift
Format: International Conference Presentation
Publication date: 12/2002
Journal/Conference/Book: 2002 IEEE/LEOS Benelux Annual Symposium
Volume(Issue): p.24-27
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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We discuss and compare two techniques that can be used to counteract the thermally induced wavelength drift associated with the switching of the tuning currents of semiconductor tunable lasers: RC-precompensation of the tuning currents and optical feedback from an external reference filter. For the RC-precompensation we show numerically and experimentally that the wavelength drift can be suppressed, but that it is difficult to optimise this technique for different values of the current steps. The optical feedback works regardless of the value of the current step and we show numerically that frequency drifts up to 15GHz can be suppressed.

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