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Authors: B. Moeyersoon, G. Morthier, R. Baets
Title: On the Influence of Optical Feedback on the Wavelength Switching Behaviour of Tunable Lasers
Format: International Workshop
Publication date: 9/2001
Journal/Conference/Book: European Semiconductor Laser Workshop 2001
Location: Ghent, Belgium
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The influence of external optical feedback on the wavelength switching behaviour of tunable lasers has been investigated numerically. A feedback loop containing power splitters and a comb filter was used and simulation results show that this filtered optical feedback can give reduced wavelength switching times and that moderate amounts of thermally induced wavelength drift associated with the change of the tuning currents can be suppressed. During the presentation, we will discuss the influence of the strength of the feedback, which is a critical parameter. The simulation results were obtained with the VPI (Virtual Photonics Inc.) Componentmaker software.

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