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Integration of colloidal quantum dots with PICs

Research Area: Heterogeneous integration technology for silicon photonics , Integrated lasers and LEDs

Main Researcher: Dries Van Thourhout

Other people involved:

PhD thesises


    International Journals

  1. S. Bisschop, P. Geiregat, L. Elsinger, E. Drijvers, D. Van Thourhout, Z. Hens, E. Brainis, Fabrication and characterization of SiNx/Au cavities with colloidal nanocrystals, Optics Express, 26(5), p. 6046-6055 (2018)  Download this Publication (16.4MB).
      International Conferences

    1. L. Elsinger, Y. Zhu, W. Xie, I. Tanghe, S. Bisschop, V. Chandrasekaran, E. Brainis, P. Geiregat, Z. Hens, D. Van Thourhout, A Hybrid SiN-QDOT platform for visible photonics, CLEO 2018 (invited), United States, p.SW4I.4 (2018)  Download this Publication (258KB).

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