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Authors: Emadreza Soltanian, Maximilien Billet, Artur Hermans, Bart Kuyken, Jing Zhang, Gunther Roelkens
Title: Micro-Transfer-Printed III-V-on-Si Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers with High Saturation Power
Format: National Conference Proceedings
Publication date: Accepted for publication. Not yet published
Journal/Conference/Book: Annual Symposium of the IEEE Photonics Society Benelux Chapter
Editor/Publisher: IEEE, 
Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
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Integrated III-V-on-Si high saturation power semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) with high output power are essential for silicon photonics (SiPh) as the leading candidate for high volume production of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) in a wide variety of applications and markets such as coherent optical communications, sensing and spectroscopy, LiDAR, programmable photonics, and quantum applications. InP-based SOAs with high optical confinement can suffer from two-photon absorption and non-linear absorption associated with the generated carriers, while in this work, we used pre-fabricated InP SOAs, micro-transfer-printed (µTP) [1] on a silicon waveguide within a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) PIC. The hybrid III-V/Si optical mode [2] not only reduces confinement in the active region of the SOA, which results in an increased saturation power but also provides high gain. The possibility of co-integration of high saturation power SOAs with the previously demonstrated µTP narrow linewidth widely tunable III-V-onsilicon lasers [3-4] as optical output power boosters can lead to the required high output power of coherent optical communications. At the conference, we will present further details on the design, fabrication, and characterization results of the SOAs.

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