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Authors: U. Khan, I. Zand, P. Edinger, G. Jo, S. Bleiker, A. Y. Takabayashi, C. Antony, J. Lee, A. Kumar, P. Verheyen, C. Lerma Arce, T. Jonuzi, J. Watte, N. Quack, F. Niklaus, K. Gylfason, W. Bogaerts
Title: Large scale programmable photonic circuits using silicon photonic MEMS
Format: International Conference Proceedings
Publication date: Accepted for publication. Not yet published
Journal/Conference/Book: Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (invited)
Location: San Jose, California, United States
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We demonstrate low-power and non-volatile MEMS actuators on an industrially established silicon photonics platform. The compact electrostatically actuated phase shifters and tunable couplers enable large-scale programmable photonic integrated circuits

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