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Authors: S. Kumari, E. P. Haglund, J. Gustavsson, A. Larsson, G. Roelkens, R. Baets
Title: Vertical-cavity silicon-integrated laser with in-plane waveguide emission at 850 nm
Format: International Journal
Publication date: 1/2018
Journal/Conference/Book: Laser & Photonics Reviews


A continuous-wave electrically-pumped short-wavelength hybrid vertical-cavity silicon-integrated laser (VCSIL) with in-plane emission into a silicon nitride (SiN) waveguide is experimentally demonstrated for the first time. The coupling from the vertical cavity into the in-plane SiN waveguide is achieved by a weak
grating on the SiN waveguide placed inside the cavity. The grating provides coupling, sets the polarization of the lasing output, and provides transverse mode control. A 5 µm oxide-aperture diameter device with a threshold current of 1.1 mA produces 0.1 mW single-sided waveguide-coupled optical output power at 2.6 mA bias current with a wavelength of ~ 856 nm and a side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR) of 29 dB.

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