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Authors: F. Peyskens, A. Dhakal, P. Van Dorpe, N. Le Thomas, R. Baets
Title: Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Using a Single Mode Nanophotonic-Plasmonic Platform
Format: International Journal
Publication date: 1/2016
Journal/Conference/Book: ACS Photonics
Volume(Issue): 3(1) p.102-108
Internal Reference: [N-1833]


We demonstrate for the first time the generation of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) signals from integrated bowtie antennas, excited and collected by the fundamental TE-mode of a single mode silicon nitride waveguide. Due to the integrated nature of this particular single mode SERS-probe one can rigorously quantify the complete enhancement process. The Stokes power, generated by a 4-Nitrothiophenol-coated antenna and collected into the fundamental TE-mode, exhibits an 8x10^6 enhancement compared to the free-space Raman scattering of a 4-Nitrothiophenol molecule. Furthermore we present an analytical model which identifies the relevant design parameters and figure of merit for this new SERS-platform. An excellent correspondence is obtained between the theoretically predicted and experimentally observed absolute Raman power. This work paves the way towards a new class of fully integrated lab-on-a-chip systems where the single mode SERS-probe can be combined with other photonic, fluidic or biological functionalities.

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