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Authors: A. Gassenq, N. Hattasan, L. Cerutti, JB Rodriguez, E TourniƩ, G. Roelkens
Title: Laser and photodetector integration on silicon-on-insulator waveguide circuits: towards a fully integrated SWIR spectrometer
Format: International Conference Proceedings
Publication date: 9/2012
Journal/Conference/Book: MIOMD-XI
Location: Chicago, United States
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The mid-IR is an interesting wavelength range
enabling new applications for photonic integrated circuits. Silicon-on-insulator (SOl) waveguide circuits combined with 111-
V opto-electronic components provide a platform to realize a fully integrated spectrometer for sensing applications. The availability of an integration platform for this wavelength range could enable ultra-compact, low-cost sensor solutions that outperform existing solutions by their selectivity and sensitivity. For this objective, either a tunable laser source needs to be integrated or an SOl spectromet or combined with an array of photodiodes at its outputs is needed. In this work, we investigate this III-V integration on a silicon-on-insulator waveguide circuit for operation around a wavelength of 2.2 IJm, based on the GaSb material system. Different photodiode designs are studied, showing a high responsivity (>1 A/W) and a dark
current of 2 IJA at room temperature. The first integration of a photodetector array on top of a
silicon-on-insulator planar concave grating (PCG) spectrometer is reported. For the GaSbbased
laser, continuous wave (CW) operation is measured at room temperature for a bonded laser that is mechanically cleaved. Different possibilities to couple the laser emission into the silicon waveguide will be presented that allow the completion of the laser integration .

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