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Authors: K. De Vos, I. Bartolozzi, P. Bienstman, R. Baets, E. Schacht
Title: Optical Biosensor based on Silicon-on-Insulator Microring Resonators for Specific Protein Binding Detection
Format: National Conference Proceedings
Publication date: 11/2006
Journal/Conference/Book: PhD Symposium
Location: Ghent, Belgium
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Optical label-free biosensors to detect biomolecular interaction attempt to overcome the drawbacks of commercialized systems relying on the detection of labeled biomolecules. We propose an integrated Silicon-on-Insulator optical biosensor based on resonant microring cavities in order to combine fast sample preparation, real time quantitative measurements of low analyte concentrations with a high throughput fabrication method. The shift of resonance wavelength that occurs when the dielectric surroundings of a cavity is changed, can be used for sensing. An SOI optical microring resonator with a radius of 5 micron is capable of detecting bulk refractive index changes of 10-4. We use the avidin/biotin high affinity couple to demonstrate good repeatability and the detection of avidin concentrations down to 50 ng/ml. Further miniaturization allows for detection of extremely low analyte concentrations while lining up the microrings in arrays allows for cheap label-free multiparameter analyses.

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