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Authors: Y. Martele, K. Callewaert, K. Naessens, P. Van Daele, R. Baets, E. Schacht
Title: Controlled patterning of biomolecules on solid surfaces
Format: International Journal
Publication date: 3/2003
Journal/Conference/Book: Materials Science and Engineering C
Volume(Issue): 23(3) p.341-345
Internal Reference: [N-246]


The micropatterning of different enzymes on a solid surface to develop a multi-functional biosensor are discussed. A segmented polyurethane was used as photo-resist on a gold surface and irradiated with an ArF excimer laser in order to obtain microarrays in the polymer structure. Alkanethiols formed self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on the revealed bare gold surface. Biomolecules (e.g. glucose oxidase (GOD)) were bound covalently to hte end group of the SAMs. Different enzymes were attached on the same solid surface in a patterned way. To increase the sensitivity for detection of biomolecular species, multilayer films of glucose oxidase were formed on the solid surface.

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